LxGrTagger Annotation Guidelines

  • This project is under the LCR-ADS lab at the University of Oregon's Linguistics Department, supervised and supported by Dr. Kristopher Kyle.

  • We are currently developing tag descriptions and detailed annotation guidelines for complexity features for LxGrTagger. For some of the more complex examples, we have added a Discussions section below the corresponding tags based on the discussions between the team at the University of Oregon and scholars from Northern Arizona University (Many thanks to Douglas Biber, Jesse Egbert, and Randi Reppen for providing valuable insights!).

  • In the process of constructing the guidelines, we primarily refer to the Longman Grammar of Spoken and Written English (6th ed.) by Biber et al. (2007), paraphrasing the contents and specifying the referred pages. When citing other works, we include both the references and the specific page numbers.

Tagging scheme

The tagging scheme is organized into hierarchical structures:

  • Structural type: The highest level of linguistic structure categorization.
    • Syntactic function: Classifies elements based on their function within the structural type.
      • Complexity feature: The focus of tagging, which includes:
        1. Descriptions: Detailed explanations of the complexity features.
        2. Tag: Guidelines on where to apply the tag (TAG NAME) within the structure.
        3. Examples: Examples, where the target complexity feature is underlined and the tagging location is highlighted in bold.
        4. Discussions/Notes

Documentation overview

Quick examples overview

Examples Structural type Syntactic function Complexity feature (Tag)
She finished her work before the deadline arrived. Finite Adverbial finite_advl_cls
That the team won the championship was unexpected. Finite Verb complement V_that_comp
I wonder what that could be about. Finite Verb complement verb_+_wh
The idea which needs be implemented involves several steps. Finite Noun phrase modifier finite_rel
The conclusion that global temperatures are rising is alarming. Finite Noun phrase complement N_that_comp
We're happy that the hunger strike has ended. Finite Adjective complement adj_that_comp
It's horrible that he put up with Claire's nagging. Finite Adjective complement xtrapos+jj+that+compcls
She is interested in what you believe. Finite Preposition complement prep_+_wh
To verify this hypothesis, sections of fixed cells were examined. Non-finite Adverbial to_advl_cls
Running along the beach, she found a rare shell. Non-finite Adverbial ing_advl_cls
The sky had grown leaden-grey, tinged with a glow somewhere between orange and violet. Non-finite Adverbial ed_advl_cls